Welcome to my Bloggy thingy…the rebirth

I dabbled in running a weblog back in the late 90’s early noughts. Remember Movable Type, and my ultimate favorite in simplicity Blosxom? The former is still going strong as far as I can see. But then came the big guns of WordPress.comBlogger.com (later bought by Google), and countless other CMS and online-only platforms that fulfilled a similar purpose. I’ll spare you the history lesson.

Then this past decade has been increasingly dominated by social networks (you know who I mean: Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+) where you can quite honestly get a much larger audience than ‘ye olde personal blogging engine’.

So why start yet another blog now? Mostly as a desire to collect my longer-form writings in one place (and link/publish them anyway to the larger social networks). Partly to experiment with, and observe site traffic as a result of this endeavour. Partly to explore the less-limited boundaries of a dedicated blogging software (in this case WordPress) that can’t be fathomed in the rather homogenous experience of Facebook/Twitter/Google+ — despite their constantly adding new applications and partnerships.

I might repopulate this with a few of my choice (highly subjective) previous blog posts over the years. Check the archives later!

Of course, it should go without saying that I welcome any and all feedback, thoughts, dialogue, et al.