music biography

When I could barely stand up to the piano at an early age, I was blessed that my loving and patient mother who was recital pianist numbered and taught me the notes as we sang through 70s pop songs, ballads and show tunes together. My dad was handy at the piano too and had been the bugler during his WWII days. I was eager to join the band in school but as it was not until 4th grade, I settled for the being the snare drummer in assemblies during my 3rd year. The next year I wanted to be a trumpeter like my dad but they really wanted someone to fill the empty tenor sax spot they had. My mum was delighted it at least wasn’t as the drummer (boom boom crash!) Despite it looming over me in height I fell in love with the instrument well beyond the time I was actually tall enough to play it standing up.

I’ve continued to expand my musical experience as an acoustic/electro multi-instrumentalist in a number of ensembles over the years and played in tours on the west coast of the US & Australia, as a digital music producer, and as a field recording engineer in locales as deep as the Amazon rainforest. Prior to and while acquiring a  BFA/MFA in Music from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, CA I had the opportunity to study with many a renowned artist.