about this site

Welcome, and thanks for landing your virtual surfboard on my personal island of the interwebs!

This little space has morphed over the years, but try as I might to make a simple self-promotional piece (nah!) or some other uni-directional venture, it always ends up being a crazy collection of cornucopia. Sure I’ve got just about every other trendy social presence you can shake a trackpad at (my day job), but it’s nice to maintain a malleable sand pit of your very own. Resist the cookie-cutter homogeny of major social network presences I say 😉

So what should you expect here?

Updates on my musical activities

I gig, compose, and plan to teach again (all sporadically) but I feel this is on a slow upwards trajectory in my life at present. I’ve played saxophone on and off for 33 years but I began (and continue) as a multi-instrumentalist at my core. This is probably born of being:

  • Instructed by my classical piano recital playing mother as soon as I could reach the keys she lovingly numbered 1-8
  • segueing into a love of percussion (much to my parents chagrin)
  • taking the empty Tenor Sax seat in Year/Grade 4 when the horn was so big for me I had to prop it up on it’s case
  • commencing a burning addiction to computers by age 12 when my Great Aunt landed us a cool Commodore PET 4032 (I just seriously dated myself!) which has led to home-studio recording and engineering, not to mention a love of electronic music production (both dance oriented and experimental).
  • drenching my ear in music genres from all over the world (which was certainly taken to new heights during my intensive studies at California Institute of the Arts).

Observations/reflections on being an IT professional

You’ll need to go elsewhere for my web development portfolio, or my apple technology blog First World Apple Problems, but I tend to take a more casual and macro approach to such subject matter here.


I’m seriously a hack when it comes to this past-time, but it’s zen-like practice of capturing a still moment (let’s call it frame fishing) is the closest I’ve come to time-travel as yet. What to do with Family photos these days? I won’t go into it here, just read an upcoming blog post of my thoughts on the matter.

Family Stuff

Expect to see a representation of and conduits to our 2 greatest creative endeavours of the past few years (Ryley and Beckett).

A revolving door of experimentation

Some people are fortunate somehow to not only have a clear idea what they want to do in life right out of high school, but seemingly carry a working blueprint for how they’re going to get there.  And off they sail to retirement! I on the other hand, suffer from the slippery affliction of still wondering what I want to be when I grow up!?  So forgive me if I inflict my passionate yet fickle sensibilities on you here. I can’t promise I’ll carry the torch for something dear to you, that I’ve just as quickly moved on from.  However, if you love a life of spontaneous improvisation – come along for the ride!