An Ode to P______

Oh to the beautiful wretched spawns of loins that bleed us of patience, sanity and money.

Kick us when we’re down with their opposing agendas and indifferent attitudes.

Mock us with a severity that rivals our enemies while they turn the daggers of our own words back towards our hearts.

Look – above the horizon, a cuddle has risen.

Listen – on the wind, the sweetest words ever spoken have been uttered.

Watch – on their faces, as the seemingly mundane transforms into an elation of discovery.

A mutual amnesia sets in as we quickly forgive and forget all the transgressions from mere moments before.

Muck and dirt.

Wash and rinse.

The cycle continues.

In the end,


A comfy pair of jeans with rips, worn knees,

And some mystery stains that won’t wash out.

– Jason Lee Shanks (2016)