Using the QUT Intranet Web Host

QUT maintains a web host on the Intranet that you can use to host your projects. As it is on the intranet, it is only viewable to QUT students and staff with authenticated accounts.

This service is an apache instance that allows staff and students the ability to host content out of their shared home drive.

Once you are ready to begin hosting your projects on the QUT Intranet, here is the pertinent information you will need.

The Specs


How do I access the directory to store my site files and view the site?

The main page for up to date access details is:

On this page you should find SMB folder access details to simply mount the remote folder on your Desktop. A more elegant solution is always to configure your FTP application of choice with the settings provided here. This way you can maintain a modicum of version control and sync only the changes since your last update.

Once published, your content is accessed via:

If you are having difficulty connecting, contact one of your tutors first before logging an IT support ticket. All KIB204 students should have been provisioned access to this server.

How do I establish and configure a MySQL dabatabase?

If you are keen to create MySQL database tables to store pre-populated values your site needs to draw from, or to capture and store user input information, you will want to take these additional steps.

  • CIF MySQL –¬†this service allows the ability to create or change the mySQL password for your databases.
  • phpMyAdmin – this service gives you access to phpMyAdmin running off the faculty’s DB server. Users are able to create and administer databases for web projects.